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Seal® Swim Mask The Original Swim and Watersports Mask The patented curved lens provides 180-degree peripheral vision without distortion. The dive-quality silicone skirt provides a comfortable, watertight fit and easy-adjust buckles let you concentrate… - Read More

£ 26.50

Blandford Sub Aqua
Adult Full Foot Fin

LIMITED STOCK - BUY NOW TO AVOID DISAPOINTMENT! Professional snorkeling fin, attractive and comfort design. High quality flexible blade for easy propulsion and efficiency. Soft fitting foot pocket to long lasting comfort. Availability of colours. Adult… - Read More

£ 10.50

Ideal for everyone from the serious diver to the recreational snorkeler, this is a great combination of the best selling TM2 mask and the TS2 semi dry snorkel which has our new ‘Dolphin’ whistle housing - Read More

£ 34.95

Typhoon International
T-Jet Adult Fins

Our mid sized strap fin, ideal for pool use and snorkelling. Adults S/M(4-8), L/XL(8-12). - Read More

£ 19.99

This complete set includes the very popular Typhoon Mask and snorkel set, Seac Sub Snorkeling Jacket and the Typhoon T-Jet fins. Why not join your little one in the water and share some exciting and memorable swimming experiences. The list below displays… - Read More

£ 76.66

J P Lennard Ltd
Swim Hat

Top quality tight fitting cap with white centre panel. Fit both young children and adults. - Read More

£ 3.50