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J P Lennard Ltd
Dive Seaweed

This is a great diving game to play at the pool. These weighted weeds sink in the water and then stand up right ready for your little one to dive in and collect them. Set of 3 in 3 colours, red, green and yellow. - Read More

£ 15.00

J P Lennard Ltd
Dive Seaweed X1

This is a great diving game to play at the pool. This weighted weeds sinks in the water and then stands up right ready for your little one to dive in and collect. Avaiable in 3 colours, red, green and yellow. - Read More

£ 3.50


Made of soft, flexible Neoprene, these brand new swimming aids from Konfidence make a great addition to any trip to the pool. Designed to sink when dropped in water; they are intended as an aid to encourage submersion and control. Of course, they're… - Read More

£ 10.00

Where's Dory gone? Dive to find Dory, Nemo and Hank with our Finding Dory Dive Sticks game, a great way to encourage and build confidence in the water. This dive and retrieve pool game consists of 3 dive sticks which can be thrown into the water to land… - Read More

£ 16.00

Phylate free and lead free HIGH quality durable plastic with indentions to make it easy to hold. Designed to provide a volume of water for a sustained length of time to stimulate children to hold their breath in preparation to submerging under water.… - Read More

£ 5.00

Zoggs (uk) Ltd
Zoggs Seal Flips

These funky, bright and colour full egg flips are brilliant for building your childs confidence in the water. By simply blowing on them in the pool or bath you can make them flip over. Do this skill helps to encourage your child to get thier head and… - Read More

£ 8.00

Aqua Tots Training Ltd
Fun Pack 1

The Aquatots Fun Pack 1 is an ideal gift for swimmers of all ages. Please note we can't guarantee to provide you with your preferred colour. - Read More

£ 7.50

Zoggs (uk) Ltd
Dory Mini Kickboard

Swim with Dory and Nemo with our Dory Mini Kickboard. Designed to develop young competent swimmers, a great tool for improving kick technique and building strength in children aged 3-12 years. Featuring a fantastic Nemo and Dory print, this is a great… - Read More

£ 10.00

J P Lennard Ltd
Sinker Ring

These colourful sinker rings are great for young swimmers, to encourage them to dive down and retirve objects from the bottom of the pool. Weighted on one side to sink rapidly and stand upright on the pool floor. - Read More

£ 4.25

J P Lennard Ltd
Swim Float

These floats are manufactured in polyethylene, making them buoyant and extremely durable. You will use your float during your Aquatots class, and also when you go swimming outside of class time with your little one. - Read More

£ 5.00

J P Lennard Ltd
Watering Can

These 1 litre watering cans are great for encouraging your little one to get their head and face wet. They can either be used in the pool or at home in the bath. - Read More

£ 8.50