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Dillon's Duckling Start Pack

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Hi, my name is Dillon and I shall be your very first Aquatots Buddy. 

To make life a bit easier for Mummy & Daddy I have put together a starter pack just perfect for you to start swimming. It's got everything you need for your visit so just take a look at what you will get.

Complete Your Aqua Wrap System - That will be all your swim wear sorted!! If you've already got your Happy Nappy, this pack gives you the 100% soft cotton inner nappy and bio-degradable liners to wear underneath. No need for a disposable swim nappy with these so we can save Mummy & Daddy a few pennies. LINERS ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK DUE TO MANUFACTURER ISSUE - RESUPPLY IS DUE IN DECEMBER (THIS IS REFLECTED IN THE PRICE OF THE PACK).

Roll & Go Change Mat - All Aquatots pools will have baby change mats on site for your use but if you want that added hygiene protection of your own mat and something east to carry about when swimming away from lessons, this is perfect. These mats are easy to clean and ideal for wet patches such as public pools and the beach.

Anti Chlorine Shampoo & Shower Wash - It's important to shower before swimming and also that we all have a little rinse off after swimming to remove any chlorine so this is just the job. Suitable for babies & adults and contains organic natural extracts of blueberry & coconut plus of course no tears formula just for you. It's also good for Mummy & Daddy's hair if they colour it.

Water Bucket - Water bucket you ask? What's that for? Well it will all become clear very soon but we have a video clip on our YouTube Channel which Mummy & Daddy can watch to show them how it works. Believe it or not that simple but specially designed water bucket will be the first step in teaching you to hold your breathe underwater.

Duckling Badge - Reaching the end of your first ever Aquatots term is something to be really proud of. To go with your end of term certificate, start collecting these groovy Aquatots badges which Mummy or Daddy can sew onto your towel at the end of each level.

Future Savings - Last but by no means least we'll also give you a 5% discount off the purchase on another pack within 12 months whether that's one of our holiday packs or the next stage pack.

So Mummy & Daddy, make sure you've got everything we're going to need for your first class and i'll see you there!! 

Dillon's Duckling Start Pack options

Happy Nappy




Cotton Wrap


Nappy Liners


Changing Mat




Rain Bucket


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