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Happy Nappy Board Shorts

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Happy Nappy Board Shorts

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OK, OK, here's the thing - sometimes, we just want to be big, you know, grown up. And sometimes wearing a nappy doesn't feel so big or grown up, but without it swim teachers, Mums and Dads feel ever so slightly anxious.... But now Splash About Happy Nappy Board Shorts have it covered, literally! When is a Happy Nappy not a Happy Nappy?...... When it’s the new Happy Nappy board shorts! The shorts have taken every body's favourite, the Happy Nappy, and covered it in peachy soft board short fabric complete with cool surfer dude design. With contrast side panels and pocket for boys and a slightly shorter, more girly look for the girls, both have the deep, softest of soft waist band for comfort and leak limitation assurance as well as the neoprene nappy with leg bands discreetly hidden inside. Practical meets cool - and who's to know! Ideal size for children 6-12 months of age.


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