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Happy Nappy

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One of the most essential items in your baby swim kit is your Happy Nappy. In fact, Aquatots strongly recommend that all of our babies wear one. After all, the idea is that you go swimming with your baby – not with the contents of his or her leaking nappy!

Brand new for 2017, the new and improved Happy Nappy is the most reliable swim Nappy in the world, insisted upon by swim schools and sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Designed to be both comfortable and secure so that even during the most active of pool play any faecal matter is held safely inside.

Super soft neoprene is shaped into two back pieces, which cup the baby’s bottom. These are held securely in place by a gusset, whilst specialist waist and leg fabric grips comfortably yet snugly to your child’s body. Ensuring that no matter how they move and twist in the water there is gaping. The front rib of the nappy is designed to roll gently down under the tummy button to form a seal against the neoprene. Splash About have created this ergonomically form fitting nappy to be secure yet comfortable no matter how hard they play and kick in the water.

The Happy Nappy was designed by swim teachers, parents and babies in mind! So simple and yet so effective, no ties, no Velcro, no elastic. It is the easiest swim nappy on the market to get on and off, and is really comfortable for your little one.

Aquatots require all swimmers to wear two swim layers when swimming in our classes. By far and away the easiest and most cost effective way of doing this is wearing the Happy Nappy system. All you will need will be a Happy Nappy, Nappy Wrap and Nappy Liners.

Simply place a Nappy Liner inside the Nappy wrap and fasten the Velcro tabs around your baby. We now have 1 of our two layers on. Now put your Happy Nappy over the top and we are ready to swim, safe from any accidents occurring!

The Happy Nappy system has been tested and improved upon with the leading UK swim teachers.

Small 0-3 months (3-6 kg)
Medium 3-6 months (6-11kg)
Large 6-12 months (10-15kg)
X Large 12-24 months (13-18kg)


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