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These are a lovely memento to capture that truly special moment of your little one underwater. And for only £10 you will hopefully get pictures to cherish for a lifetime. Aquatots will have 4 photos sent to you, digitally. 

All photographs in Levels 1, 2, 5, 9, 13, 15, 19, 23 and 27 will be taken by your Teacher at your regular pool site. Please ask your Teacher to confirm the exact photo date for your pool site, as this may vary.

** The £10 fee is of course a sitting fee. We cannot guarantee the performance of your baby on the day. Your Teacher will do her/his best to capture ''the moment''. This may take up to 3-4 photographs if your baby co-operates well.  Photo quality is dependent upon water clarity and the number of suspended particles in the water at the time. We communicate with all the pool owners, requesting that extra special care is taken to clean the pools in the week prior to the sessions, but we cannot guarantee crystal clear photos, we can promise a set of very special and unique photographs.

*** Aquatots retains the copyright of all photographs, negatives and video. Aquatots may use selected photographs for promotion purposes, unless expressed otherwise from you in writing.

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