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Foundation Course 1 Jelly Fish

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We receive frequent enquiries from swimmers, who want to join Aquatots from other swim schools or families who wish to learn beyond the entry level play activities at splash and play classes. The majority of swim companies are unable to offer the fun based progression and range of swim levels and activities available for you at Aquatots.

Swimmers joining us with older children may be able to enrol directly into one of our core swim levels taking into account their previous experience and learning. Whether your child is a swimmer that needs to enhance their current skill level or needs to learn the fundamentals of starting to swim, are welcomed into the Aquatots Swim Foundation Programme, where all swimmers are able to prepare for an easy access path to join into the main stream Aquatots swim courses. Everyone is catered for at Aquatots.

We have four Foundation level programmes designed for children from the ages of 18 months up to 5 years who’ve not been in swimming lessons before.

Aquatots Foundation levels are:

Foundation 1 Jelly Fish - for non-swimmers between 18 and 30 months

Foundation 2 Shrimps -  for non-swimmers between 2 & half years and 3 & half years old

Foundation 3 Seahorses - for non-swimmers between 3 & half years to 5 years old

Upon the successful completion of your foundation level your swim teacher will advise you which entry level is best for your twins to join the following term. Aquatots teaches babies to swim the natural way, underwater and without employing the use of artificial buoyancy aids. The Aquatots programme is unique in its design and sets the standard across the baby swimming industry.

Please ensure before booking and paying online you've spoken to our bookings team on 020 8688 6488 to reserve your space on your prefered course.

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