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It’s not just our Babies and Toddlers that Aquatots want to look after and it’s for that reason that we developed our unique Aquatots Aquanatal classes.

These classes offer the opportunity for that very much valued ‘Me time’ in lovely warm water, with gentle aerobics, specifically designed to target the areas of aches and pains during pregnancy.

Classes begin with a gentle warm up followed by approximately 20 minutes of cardio to suitably chosen music. This is followed by breathing techniques designed to help you during your birthing process, pelvic floor exercises to strengthen those core muscles and culminating in a wonderful relaxation section to help you feel calm which a lovely bonding exercise is for you and baby.  The classes are also great to return to after giving birth to help new mums tone up again. 

Our 45 minute classes are relaxed and intimate with a maximum of 6 mums to be, in a lovely warm private pool and along with the health and relaxation benefits, it is a great opportunity to meet local mums to be.

Contact our head office bookings team on 020 8688 6488 to check your local availbility, and secure your space and we hope to see you in the water very soon.